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Our technology is the future of cosmetics!

Nowadays,the cosmetics industry is trying to market the anti-aging process with a range of counteracting cosmetics that produce results that are externally visible. Such cosmetics also promise that they are to give the skin a more natural radiance and youthful tone. These common products might actually provide a temporary exquisite look from the outside. Yet the problem is that the that the overall thought of having “beauty from the inside” is completely neglected and forgotten in such a market that is flooded with these products. Moreover, all regenerative processes and the external visible beauty of the people, is controlled by internal regulatory mechanisms.

If we are to believe the statements that are put down by the world’s leading and most experienced scientists, then we are to believe that nanotechnology provides the safest and greatest opportunity for us to noticeably improve our quality of life. Additionally, the amount of silicon in the connective tissues in our bodies deteriorates over time. Eventually this makes them weak, inelastic and unstable. Hence, over the years, we have achieved several successes and breakthroughs, through implementing the element of natural silicon in all of our products.

By applying some of our cosmetics, just a few times on your skin, you can already notice a huge positive difference. Evidently, this is all thanks to the silicon in our cosmetics, in combination with the high quality natural ingredients that are used to provide such positive results. These results can never be achieved by using the typical, commercial and conventional creams.

Why does Neosino work so wonderfully….

For many, first contact is supposed to be a wonderful experience. Feedback from our clients suggests that, as soon as new customers use our cosmetic products for the first time, they get a feeling like they have never felt before from using other brands. That is especially true of our women clients, who usually say that they would never want to miss this fine overall feeling of wellness, and refreshment. Neosino Silicon can store up to 300 times its own weight in water, and that fact alone is so crucial when it comes to the support of the cells regeneration. Once again, silicon promotes the rapid production of collagen and elastin. In turn, this will smoothen all rough skin, as well as help reduce the majority of all wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming.

Vital Trace Element

Reputable, scientifically based studies show the indispensable function of silicon for the constant structure and function of connective tissue. Unfortunately, these studies also show that the body is less supplied, through the means of modified food habits, of this life-sustaining trace element. Although the body is not capable of producing silicon itself, it is however, required for the growth and regeneration of skin, hair and nails. This silicon needs to be supplied in order to maintain ones personal well-being.

The “All rounder”

Although silicon is found only in minute quantities in the human body, it is required to fulfill many biological functions. The activation of cell structure (anti-aging function) relies almost solely on it. It stimulates the immune system, maintains the elasticity of the skin and strengthens the tendons, joints and bones.

What happens without silicon?

A deficiency leads to an acceleration of the biological aging processes, which would be firstly visible on the skin. The logic behind it is that: with age, the natural content of silicon in the body decreases. Unfortunately for us though, as we age, our bodies would require it even more. Hence, this is where the need arises for the additional supply of recoverable silicon – and that silicon should be about the micronized size that is provided by Neosino.

Doctors recommend us!

Our target customers do not only range from, cosmetics specialists and pharmacists, who have discovered the effectiveness of Neosino Products. Yet, some doctors also rely heavily on Neosino – when it comes to wound healing during the postoperative recovery.

The preparations with natural, micronized silicon comes in many forms and applications. Not only as oils and creams, sprays and lotions. But also as toothpastes, bath lotions and shampoo. Neosino also provides its own line for atheletes.

Neosino relies on natural silicon, a refresher for the body’s cells.