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develops and distributes high-quality products, based on silicon, magnesium and calcium. Such products have shown a remarkable success, due to the special technology used in the cell renewal process.

Louis Pasteur (Famed French Biologist and Chemist, 1822-1895) discovered that silicon plays a role of significant importance in the overall function of the body. Furthermore, he also concluded that it helps ease the symptoms of many disorders.

How Silicon affects the body

The effects of Silicon on the human body has been scientifically proven. It activates the cell metabolism, works as an anti-inflammatory, improves cell regeneration, promotes the elasticity of the skin, provides regeneration of the blood vessels and strengthens the connective tissue.

With age, the silicon content in our bodies decreases steadily.The deficiency leads to many detrimental effects that cause the acceleration of the biological aging process. Some of these effects include:

  • The skin becoming rough, dry, withered and wrinkled.
  • Brittle Nails
  • Loss of Hair color
  • Hair loss

Hence, it would be crucial to supplement Silicon as part of a persons diet to prevent such shortcomings.

Neosino promises excellent results from the use of our products, which can be felt within just a few days.

Our minerals are a 100% derived from natural sources. We also developed an exclusive procedure to make sure that one of our Silimagna capsules, packs a power which is equivalent to that of 1.5 Kg of Silica. Neosinos Products are also a 100% bioavailable and our health supplements are fully ingested by your digestive tract, leaving no room for the excretion of any minerals. Silicon promotes the transport of neurotransmitters that are needed for the cell rejuvenation. Additionally, the organ functions are improved by up to 30 percent.

With a positive feel towards success

Micronized Silicon was first discovered in the 90s. In the year 2004, in collaboration with several researchers from different institutes, the founder of Neosino (Mr. Gerhard Moser), developed a successful line for skincare products and health supplements. Ever since, the project has been managed in Austria with the help of some beauticians and health care professionals. Today, Neosino has grown through the means of extensive research and numerous studies to ensure a quality product range, which is an indispensable part of both ; our cosmetics and health supplements.

Feedback from our consumers states that they are very convinced of the effectiveness of our natural ingredients. Hence there is a rapid increase in demand for Neosino products such as : the Face Lift Serum or  the Intense Face Cream. A reason for that, is because such products offer quick results without the use of any artificial chemicals or preservatives.